Income Scenarios

This section provides sample income scenarios for the household types in the MESL research.

Multiple income scenarios are presented for each household type, and examine income from employment (earning the National Minimum Wage) and from Social Welfare, as appropriate.

The rates in place at the start of each year for Social Welfare, Tax calculations, National Minimum Wage, etc., are used in the calculations, unless otherwise stated.

Further information on the details of the income calculations is available here.

2019 Income Scenarios

The tables below detail income scenarios for representative household types.

Household income is assessed in social welfare dependent scenarios and in employed scenarios.

In employed scenarios household income is comprised of income from work (based on the national minimum wage) and any relevant social welfare entitlements.

For pensioners, household income is based on the State Contributory or Non Contributory Pension.

Social Welfare dependent scenarios

Minimum Wage employment scenarios