The MESL – A Reference Budget Twenty-Two Years in the Making

This webinar, from the 9th December 2021, focused on the present, past and future of the VPSJ’s Minimum Essential Standard of Living (MESL) reference budget research in Ireland.

The session included discussion of the development and impact of the MESL research, a presentation of the findings from the 2021 MESL analysis, and a view to the future continuation and development of the MESL and budget standards research in Ireland.


Welcome and Introduction

Bernadette Mac Mahon

The Rediscovery of Budget Standards

Jonathan Bradshaw

The Present: MESL in 2021

Robert Thornton

The Past: MESL 1999 - 2001

Bernadette Mac Mahon

Bríd O’Brien

The Future:
Budget Standards &
the MESL

Donald Hirsch & Matt Padley

Paul Ginnell

Nessan Vaughan

Bernadette Mac Mahon

Questions & Answers


Conclusion, Thanks & Close

Bernadette Mac Mahon