What is the cost of a healthy food basket in Ireland in 2020? VPSJ & safefood

Issued: September 2021


This research examines the cost of the Minimum Essential Standard of Living (MESL) Healthy Food Basket for 2020.

It is derived from the VPSJ’s ongoing MESL research, which works with members of the public to reach agreement on the minimum needed to live and partake in the social and economic norms of everyday life. The research identifies the cost of what is required to enable a life with dignity, at a minimum but acceptable standard that people have agreed nobody should be expected to live below. 

This 2020 update to the MESL Healthy Food Basket series is based on the newly reviewed and rebased MESL dataset.

This research shines a light on the challenge of trying to balance the cost of a healthy food basket, in the context of meeting other needs and expenses, on a low income.