MESL 2022 Annual Update

Issued: September 2022

MESL 2022



The 2022 report is the 16th annual update of the MESL expenditure needs data, updating the minimum expenditure needs data and assessment of income adequacy to 2022.

In previous years, the MESL update has often found minor fluctuations in prices, with increases in some budget areas being largely offset by decreases in others. This year is exceptional, instead showing that the increase in costs across most of the MESL budget areas have significantly outweighed any decreases experienced.Compared to 2021, the cost of a MESL has increased by an average of 5% for urban households and 14% for rural households.

In addition to providing the most recent MESL expenditure needs data, this report details an analysis of the changing costs of a MESL and benchmarks the adequacy of both social welfare supports and minimum wage employment for a range of household compositions.

The annual MESL series provides detail of the latest MESL expenditure needs and in-depth analysis of income adequacy assessments to underpin the development of evidence-based policy recommendations.