MESL 2019 Update Report

Issued: May 2019

MESL 2019



This report presents the cost of a Minimum Essential Standard of Living for households in Ireland in 2019.

In addition to providing the adjusted MESL data, this report details an analysis of the changing costs of an MESL and benchmarks the adequacy of both social welfare supports and minimum wage employment for a range of household compositions.

The analysis examines the adequacy gap between households MESL expenditure need and rates of social welfare and/or minimum rates of pay. In doing this, the extent and breadth of the gap is monitored, and factors which increase the risk of deep inadequacy are identified.

The appendix, included with the report, provides detailed income calculation tables for each of the 12 household compositions in all the scenarios presented throughout the report. Additional MESL Core expenditure tables and income scenarios are available in the Urban & Rural sections of the site.