The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice


The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice (VPSJ) is a voluntary organisation, and was established in 1995 to work for social and economic change, tackling poverty and social exclusion.

The Partnership is comprised of four national organisations:

  • The Society of St Vincent de Paul

  • The Daughters of Charity

  • The Vincentian Congregation

  • The Congregation of the Holy Faith

The core values of the VPSJ are:

  • Vincentian Spirituality

  • Dignity of the Individual

  • Solidarity with People in Poverty

  • Empowerment

  • Promotion of Equality

  • Confrontation without Aggression

  • Reflection

In order to achieve its goals the VPSJ is engaged in four key activities:

  • Active Citizenship / Voter Education Programme

  • Researching the reality of poverty

  • Advocacy

  • Networking

With a particular focus on the facilitation of Active Citizenship / Voter Education Programmes with communities in disadvantaged areas, and the promotion of a Minimum Essential Standard of Living (income and expenditure) for all households.